Sunday, 18 September 2011

Next Battle - 30th October - ish

Next battle on approx 30th Oct which also coincides with Fiasco in Leeds where my opponent just happens to live will be the Goblin Horde (the above shot of a Minion from Overlord 2 sums up Goblins for me) against the Barons of Lyonesse..........points value has been tentatively agreed on at 3200 though it usually ends up more.

Which gives me an excuse to field some Ogre allies! B-)

If anybody has any ideas on how to dispose of tinned meat....erm.....the flower of chivalry suggestions always welcome.

At the risk of becoming predictable I'm going with the two shaman strategy again but trying Fire and Metal

I'd best be getting on with painting some hitty/crushy/tinopener things then