Sunday, 10 July 2011

Da Boyz Done Good!

Da boyz shattered the stunty shortbeards and routed them! B-)........(3200 points game Night Goblins vs Dwarves)

Despite my best intentions to snap pics of the battle my phone flatlined minutes before so no pictures of the clash.

Suffice to say my archers with the aid of their shamaness rained fiery death on one flank of the dwarves and burnt their siege engine and turned "many dwarf" into a bonfire. Loki was most definitely with them B-)

You could smell the beards burning!

In the centre the Giant shattered the largest dwarf unit - who needed an 11 to make their morale check due to having their King with them - and got a 12 - and ran - pursued by the giant and his pet warg - who ate them some more. (One victory objective achieved)
This was also a one of those fickle moments where the Gods of the D6 intervened and was THE turning point in the game - they were never going to come back with the giant overruning them and causing maximum wounds to the unit

The Hobgoblins moved into the second objective and proceeded to have a party rolling columns round and took no further part in the action apart from cheering da boyz, sitting having a party and mocking the stunties from the safety of the Ancient Ruins (2 objectives acheived)

And da boyz on the Goblin right souped up with Stone Armour formed column and ably assisted by the Wolf Riders took care of things. Earth Magic is cool!

In all two from two objectives for minimal losses - according to the AoA book a victory of the best sort - I love it when a plan comes together.

Back to level pegging at two victories apiece.