Monday, 30 July 2012

All quiet on the Arcana front

I've not posted anything to do with AoA because of taking up Warhammer 40k as an ongoing second ruleset so I get a game in more than every six months or so
Naturally the last six months has been taken up with the collection and painting of that army.

AoA will be played again - not too sure when at the moment - all three AoA armies are still on backburner status as a change from doing Dark Eldar

Sunday, 12 February 2012

WIP - for next weeks battle - The Ghoul Lord!

An old Strigoi Vampire, metal, about 10 years or so old that I forgot I had, stripped down, repainted and rebased as a Ghoul Lord for AoA.
Quite pleased with him actually

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Battle of Dreadstone Blight

Or rather the Grinding Slog of Dreadstone Blight.......

3000 points of Night Goblins and Ogrish Allies vs Men of Good (Barons)

I'm not going to go into the intricacies of the battle report because it occured 5 months ago and the battle revolved around the Blight in the centre of the table, which got infested by my Gnoblar skirmishers early on in the battle and managed to hold off the Barons heavy foot with sticks, stones, broken bottles and anything else they could get their little mitts on till nearly the end of the battle...........

Which took 7 hours..........

Meanwhile off camera, just as the Men of Good seized the Blight, their left wing including the General and his Knights were minced by Goblin Berserkers and Hobgoblins.

At the end of the Battle the Men of Good had possession of the Blight, but were surrounded by the Goblins and were technically due an army Break Test.

So we called it a draw............still level pegging...........

Next battle: Host of the Barrow Mounds vs TBA

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Next Battle - 30th October - ish

Next battle on approx 30th Oct which also coincides with Fiasco in Leeds where my opponent just happens to live will be the Goblin Horde (the above shot of a Minion from Overlord 2 sums up Goblins for me) against the Barons of Lyonesse..........points value has been tentatively agreed on at 3200 though it usually ends up more.

Which gives me an excuse to field some Ogre allies! B-)

If anybody has any ideas on how to dispose of tinned meat....erm.....the flower of chivalry suggestions always welcome.

At the risk of becoming predictable I'm going with the two shaman strategy again but trying Fire and Metal

I'd best be getting on with painting some hitty/crushy/tinopener things then

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Da Boyz Done Good!

Da boyz shattered the stunty shortbeards and routed them! B-)........(3200 points game Night Goblins vs Dwarves)

Despite my best intentions to snap pics of the battle my phone flatlined minutes before so no pictures of the clash.

Suffice to say my archers with the aid of their shamaness rained fiery death on one flank of the dwarves and burnt their siege engine and turned "many dwarf" into a bonfire. Loki was most definitely with them B-)

You could smell the beards burning!

In the centre the Giant shattered the largest dwarf unit - who needed an 11 to make their morale check due to having their King with them - and got a 12 - and ran - pursued by the giant and his pet warg - who ate them some more. (One victory objective achieved)
This was also a one of those fickle moments where the Gods of the D6 intervened and was THE turning point in the game - they were never going to come back with the giant overruning them and causing maximum wounds to the unit

The Hobgoblins moved into the second objective and proceeded to have a party rolling columns round and took no further part in the action apart from cheering da boyz, sitting having a party and mocking the stunties from the safety of the Ancient Ruins (2 objectives acheived)

And da boyz on the Goblin right souped up with Stone Armour formed column and ably assisted by the Wolf Riders took care of things. Earth Magic is cool!

In all two from two objectives for minimal losses - according to the AoA book a victory of the best sort - I love it when a plan comes together.

Back to level pegging at two victories apiece.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Next battle 9th July

At last some AoA action apart from buying stuff on Ebay and painting.

3000 points Night Goblins (me) vs. 3000 Dwarves (my mate)

We dont get to game very often because we live at opposite ends of the country.

Maelstrom have let me down big time by hanging onto my order for Greatax Orcs (to use as Hobgoblins) which has left me with a not very "hitty" army.

The only thing I could come up with was to have TWO shamans/wizards to boost my otherwise puny but numerous combat units, more archers than strictly necessary and a trio of Trolls.

I've not finalised my list yet but any suggestions for killing heavily armoured dwarves off with good magic saves welcomed............

Otherwise I'll have to stick to the Goblin Horde pouring magically enhanced arrows like in 300...