Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Battle of Dreadstone Blight

Or rather the Grinding Slog of Dreadstone Blight.......

3000 points of Night Goblins and Ogrish Allies vs Men of Good (Barons)

I'm not going to go into the intricacies of the battle report because it occured 5 months ago and the battle revolved around the Blight in the centre of the table, which got infested by my Gnoblar skirmishers early on in the battle and managed to hold off the Barons heavy foot with sticks, stones, broken bottles and anything else they could get their little mitts on till nearly the end of the battle...........

Which took 7 hours..........

Meanwhile off camera, just as the Men of Good seized the Blight, their left wing including the General and his Knights were minced by Goblin Berserkers and Hobgoblins.

At the end of the Battle the Men of Good had possession of the Blight, but were surrounded by the Goblins and were technically due an army Break Test.

So we called it a draw............still level pegging...........

Next battle: Host of the Barrow Mounds vs TBA


  1. Can't see any pics here too :(

    BTW, i encourage you to use Objectives instead of the "army morale check" rule. Experience tells me that this battles tend to be so much balanced that they can take forever unless you use the objective-driven victory conditions (every time i fought a battle "to the last man" it ended with the victorious side with half a docen miniatures at most, and took an infinite number of turns to reach that point...)

  2. You've pretty much summed it up there.

    There werent any pics posted on this one because it was 5 months after the battle.

    I might well dig my minis out and post pics of them, I never remember during the battles!

    The Grinding Slog was because of a misunderstanding over objectives.
    1) was to be in control of the Blight (which my opponent was when we called it quits, but he had virtually no troops left)
    2) which was where the misunderstanding occured was to kill the Enemy General (which I did)

    Since we've known each other 40-odd years we agreed on the draw and went and had some beer B-)