Sunday, 8 May 2011

Latest Army - Night Goblins

I've just spent two weeks batch painting c100 Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblins - I didnt realise I'd acquired so many off Ebay.

These little guys are going to form the core of my new Night Goblin army.

33 Archers and Noble and command
40 Speargobbos and Noble and command
Goblin King on Wolf (an ancient GW Hobgoblin)
1 Hobgoblin Hero on Boar (I couldnt resist the fearsome looking GW Boss and Standard Bearer CMPPK (Cool multi part plastic kit)
1 or 2 Shamans
Wolf Riders - from a bargain box I got on Ebay - 5 assembled so far with Night Goblin heads

The problem is they arent very "hitty" apart from the heroes.

I dont know whether the idea is massed arrow swarms like the Persians in 300 and hope enough hit

I've got enough Spider Riders assembled and spray coated as per Zinkalas stats on the forum - but now they just dont "fit"


  1. The trick with massed arrows is getting sufficient LOS, not always the easiest thing to pull off. Your bowmen are pretty much as expensive as everyone else, you just don't have the hard hitting infantry. Thats where hobgoblins are supposed to come in.

    I have run goblin armies many times, even ran a unit with 90 goblin warriors in it once. They are actually pretty flexible, just plan on ganging up on you opposition 3 to 1 to make anything happen.

    If you want punch, you may need to turn to shamans. Nothing beats turning 90 goblin regulars into fire breathing elite troops.

  2. I'd sort of got that idea with the Dark Elf repeater crossbows - pour enough fire in and statistically I should get enough hits even with the 1/2 stats

    And the horde idea you mentioned. As they'll probably be facing the Norse with Armour 4 in Shieldwall mode I'm conscious of needing some tin openers if the arrow storm fails.

    I'm struggling with what minis to use for Hobgoblins - LoTR Uruk Hai are a shade small to my mind but have got some Hordes Trollkin raiders which caught my eye - and another big knot of Spear Goblins to do.
    The other option is use GW Black Orcs with the full face helmet option and great weapons