Sunday, 22 May 2011

Product Review: The Army Painter Primer

Available now in stacks of colours...........

I've not really been one for bulk priming - until the Night Goblins happened. Having costed the price of a couple of hundred models worth of dheneb stone - which I use as primer and basecoat not to mention sloshing it on - I'd nearly lost the will to do them.

Then whilst browsing Ebay I happened across the Army Painter stuff............

I'm pleased to say it does exactly what it says on the tin............68 minis spray primed so far from one tin

48 Night Goblins and 10 Wolf riders - and theres more left.

If you havnt got it I'd advise it - it gives a finer coverage and gives you loads more time for the "real business" of painting minis

Score: 9.5/10 - only because its more than GW - but in stacks more colours B-)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

More Night Goblins

Only another 40 odd to go then I can treat myself to painting some characters and/or Wolf Riders............

This week has actually seen me stop buying minis off Ebay because I cant think of anything else at the moment - however traditionally this doesnt last long B-)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Latest Army - Night Goblins

I've just spent two weeks batch painting c100 Battle for Skull Pass Night Goblins - I didnt realise I'd acquired so many off Ebay.

These little guys are going to form the core of my new Night Goblin army.

33 Archers and Noble and command
40 Speargobbos and Noble and command
Goblin King on Wolf (an ancient GW Hobgoblin)
1 Hobgoblin Hero on Boar (I couldnt resist the fearsome looking GW Boss and Standard Bearer CMPPK (Cool multi part plastic kit)
1 or 2 Shamans
Wolf Riders - from a bargain box I got on Ebay - 5 assembled so far with Night Goblin heads

The problem is they arent very "hitty" apart from the heroes.

I dont know whether the idea is massed arrow swarms like the Persians in 300 and hope enough hit

I've got enough Spider Riders assembled and spray coated as per Zinkalas stats on the forum - but now they just dont "fit"


Sunday must be my day for having thoughts occur to me........

If characters in AoA are supposed to go round battling each other by preference why not have challenges - where no one else can take part in the "show"

Its occured in the games I've played while the two champions are slugging it out the models to either side in base contact are getting a lick in as well.

Not too sure where this would come in the flow of things - my inclination is round about declaring charges (and challenges!)

If the hero is bought with a unit and they lose then the unit they're attached to would have to take a break test............

Thoughts anyone?