Friday, 29 April 2011

Command Groups

One thing thats always baffled me about AoA is the absence of rules for Command Groups - also referred to Champion Standard Bearer and Musician.

To my mind and hopefully most other people these make the "character" of the unit from an aesthetic view if nothing else.

Granted Champions you can buy for a VP cost when putting your army together.
Which leaves 2/3 of the minis in your little set useless apart from looking pretty and therefore a disincentive to paint etc when you could just knock out another couple of grunts.
And lets face it they always come in threes - unless its GW of course where you get those three and a couple of unit duplicates.........

I might trial the following - havnt calculated VP costs or anything...........

Standard Bearer - Standard adds +1 to the base morale of the unit - the last but one figure to be killed in combat ............that honour goes to the Champion of course!

Musician: Adds an optional +1 to the base movement - might come in useful on those charges that fall short - as above but buys the farm before the Standard Bearer


  1. I wondered the same thing a bit myself. My version of the standard was very similar to yours, plus one Morale, but if the unit fled the standard could be captured as long as the opposing unit elected to pursue. Then the unit that capture the standard would get the morale bonus.

    For musicians I just allowed them to add a file for free or change facing for free, very similar to WH.

    Its the pricing on these things that gets tricky.

  2. Hi Lucas - I'd not really got as far as the pricing on them either.

    It occured to me whlst batch painting about 100 or so Night Goblins from Battle for Skull Pass who have standards etc it'd be a shame not to field in an army.

    I'll have to read the WH book to see what it says - there are some useful general rules in there even though I dislike the rules system to game with.