Thursday, 21 April 2011

Themed Armies

Now, one of the great things I like about AoA is you can use any models you like unrestricted by manufacturers canon, rules on army composition of Army Books....

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this one.........

Personally I collect the following.

Orcs and Goblins

Dark Elves


and I forgot Skaven when Yuber asked me in an earlier post.

Referring back a moment - collecting and painting is all well and good in itself again this is a personal thing and I have no idea on other gamers I'll bore you to tears with some examples........

Skaven - or Ratmen - when I got the first batch of these I decided I didnt like the slightly grotty grimy GW versions. My Skaven/Ratmen are of White Rat descent

Dark Elves - To begin with I went with them as people think of them - dark clad hedonists with weird lizard things and repeater crossbows...........until I read the GW Sundering novels.
It has to be said here I could see Malekiths point of view throughout - for those that read/have read them.

Back to the main point.........there is.........

1) No mention of Cold One/Raptor knights

2) Repeater bows are only just making an appearance.

Taking into account the above I went for a Dark Elf Army at about the time the big falling out happened.

A combination of Noble Cavalry (Dragon Princes) and the old style metal Cold One Knights - on plastic barded horses.

Also Elves are Elves and I can use whatever the hell models I like so have started blending in some other what people would think of High Elves with the Dark Elves on the premise they would be similarly armed and armoured and have similar I was discussing with my mate the other week - quite a lot of its in the paint job.

In other words I see the different types of Elves at least as for as High and Dark go as being a mindset rather than a fashion statement !

Orcs and Goblins - this is a project thats quite new - but I know where I want to go with iit.....

Night Goblins with all sorts of creepy crawly allies like bat swarms and spiders......oh and some Savage Orc barbarian ally types - easily duped by the Night Goblin shamans.

Undead - here AoA saved my life because I got a load of Undead and then decided I didnt like the GW Vampire Counts too much - apart from some of the models as usual............
So I've built my Undead round a Wight King with skeleton knights, archers, spearmen and so forth

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