Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I was casting my eye around my painting table the other day and saw three models that come as familiars with some of the GW figures....

Bastet - Neferatas Cat
Morgiana le Fays Toad
and the cute Deamonette from the familiars pack.

Quite a lot of wizards in traditional fantasy have familiars and I'm thinking about sending it up to the forum for playtesting.

I also want an excuse to use my minis in a battle naturally.........

Having thought about it they would have at the most 1/2 attack, add one magic point perhaps every other turn to the "owning" wizard (Not too sure about that one)
The owning wizard would benefit from for want of a better term the "look out Sir" rule where one lost wound would be taken by the familiar - owning players choice.

Comments ideas welcomed............


  1. Why don't you thread familiars as upgrades in the same way as horses for characters? something like " you pay +X, then you get the following: base 2 (1 for the mage + 1 for the familiar), +1 wound, +whatever bonus you see fit for that type of familiar, e.g. the cat could give you +1 magic resistance... i think you get the idea. That way you could use them without having to bend the rules.

  2. That is a cunning plan and probably saves costing each one individually unless people want to of course B-)